Friday, July 24, 2020


Another great  Lowcountry tale from a great author.
I liked the characters in this book. Even though Miss Lavinia was eccentric she wasn't a person that you didn't  messed with. You know that she was the matriarch of the family. It was good that she mended gaps in a relationship with her daughter.

I'm guessing since Caroline had issues with her mother she did what she did. Sadly she married someone, Richard that had issues of his own. The best came out of their marriage was Eric, their child. What a gentleman he grew to be.

It's something about when things are askew in your life coming home is a comfort. And it all is hopes that you find yourself peace and love.
And that's exactly what Caroline did. As much as her home made her better, she too made her family better. Her brother Trip found his way back to Caroline and Eric.

There is always that one family member that we can do without. Talk about gold digging. Frances Mae was star of that role. TG Caroline and Trip took care of that.

Millie, Mr Jenkins, Miss Sweetie, Miss Nancy, even Jack played an important part for Caroline to feel loved and excepted to who she really is.

My favorite part I have to laugh is when Caroline went by a mirror and who she saw looking back is her mother. We all try so hard not to be like our mothers. But we are.
We can either accept it and be a better person for it. Or be miserable all our lives.

I give Plantation 5 
a bit slow in the beginning. But once I found the flow to the story it actually is that heartwarming story you hear of.
Next up I believe it will be Isle of Palms