Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Cold Death in Amsterdam

Since my son will be on vacation to Amsterdam soon, and because I like mysteries I found this book.
I liked it. The characters were good. Lottie had some baggage but she got the job done. She started out solving a murder of a girl 15 years ago, to some finance fraud with a murder to boot. 

I read some reviews about Lottie dealing more with her personal issues rather than the murder at hand. But I believe that is who she is. Why she does what she does. The secret she carried of the relationship she had with Laura's, (the dead girl) father. The years she struggled with this.

But working on the fraud case she had to deal with Stefanie, who believed Lottie's father was guilty. Didn't hear to much on the Captain. Her partner Hans though had her back.

What is so different though about these cases, they were actually cases (I imagine things were changed to fit the book) from the author Anja De Jager's father ( who was the actual detective)
Maybe that's why people think the book slow.
It had the book a bit slow at times but I think Lottie deserves a second chance. Especially since story leaves you with what will happen to Lottie.

I give A Cold Death in Amsterdam 4