Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Silent Wife

From my blog on Wordpress:

Not a thriller IMO. Reviews on this book were low and I could see why. Two people Her- Jodi Brett. Him- Todd Gilbert. She needed to have a routine being a therapist. He an architect. His life needed to be more fun, more money, spontaneous. Finds younger girl. Leaves SO for girl and baby.
I think what bothered me the most is when Jodi and Todd were hanging on to each other in a way. And when the story seem to get interesting and pick up, it didn’t.
Who wouldn’t be angry. Jodi keeps her anger to herself. Hence- Silent Wife. He doesn’t want her back, or does he?
Does she have him killed? Jodi goes through meltdown which is the scariest of the story. Law enforcement wasn’t even good. But she gets through. Thanks to the killer Natasha’s father (Todd’s bf)?
Jodi comes to understanding her patients and visa versus. Back and forth with both very tiresome. A lot of insecurities .
I give The Silent Wife 3 stars a bit of a disappointment 😞