Tuesday, December 24, 2019

a son called gabriel

I'm not sure what to think about this story. I feel for Gabriel. He had these feelings and didn't know why or who to turn to.

I feel his relationship with his mother was like any mother in Ireland. She raised her kids the best way she knew. It was a job. And it is a job to take care of the family the way she did. I think Gabriel's parents were happy. But not in the sense as we know of. Mrs Harkin had a good provider, and she kept wheels of the family and marriage going. I think when she spat out to Gabriel who his father was, I think Gabriel had a hard time making peace with her. Somethings that he thought he could talk to his mother now made him think before he spoke.
And his relationship with Gabriel's father was strained. It always felt that he was picking on Gabriel. But than again Gabriel didn't see how Mr.Harkin was. He played sports, worked hard, did what was expected out of him. Made Mr. Harkin confused when Gabriel would be interested in things that were off beat. But there were good times too between them. Which made Gabriel confused of his father. It comes down to both had a horrible time communicating with each other. But again in Ireland that wasn't even thought of like that.

I think by Gabriel being bullied did change his personality a bit. I think he became shy and again with his feelings of not "being normal" had to keep that in check. As he got older though enough is enough. He fought back, got himself some friends, trying for the normality. Although family makes it easier. I have experience in bullying. I was bullied. I would go out of my way not to be around these people as Gabriel did. It made me more withdrawn. I really never had friends when I was growing up. Until high school, but not a lot than either. But I think I turned out ok. Married my friend's brother, had a couple of kids. They accepted me as I am.
I think Gabriel thought that would happen to him by going to England and starting anew.

Well since Gabriel went to a lot of dances the 1st one is a little blurry. But I think being in a romantic setting shows that Ireland was/is changing with the world. Especially America these kids (girls), make themselves older than they are just to keep up with everyone else. It is hard to know what age they are. Why is everyone so eager to grow up so fast?

This novel I believe just focuses on the troubles of the Catholics and Protestants. I don't think the author really dug in with the politics. He tried with bringing the IRA character in. Which made Mr. Harkin more political than Mrs. Harkin. The IRA soldier might have a point on comparing the family of The Grapes of Wrath. Both the Irish and Joad Family put the families in the community to be stronger and safer against all. 
Gabriel is just as well a Irishman as anyone else. It's just that Mr. Harkin believes that you need to be strong and fight. Like a well rounded person like everyone else in that time.

The shocking news that Gabriel's mother had told Gabriel the news of his biological father was interesting. By this time I was waiting for something to come off the pages. I feel Gabriel needed to take all in with his siblings. All these years he thought they were blood. In time he will accept them, for they accepted Gabriel. They truly love each other. Mrs. Harkin eventually would take back what happened. She goes on instinct and didn't think how hurtful everything would be for Gabriel.

I know I wouldn't know how to handle things back than. I probably would of acted the same. But today, getting older, maturing I feel there is more acceptance with me. I love my kids. I choose sharing there lives with me. Being a part of family. I'm just sad that Gabriel was trying to find a way to be normal. That he had to make so many comprises to just fit in. And still there was a mystery of who he was. I have a feeling that Mr. Harkin even though knew it wasn't a 'phase' knew Gabriel was normal and will be who he is. I think he was the only one that believed in Gabriel.

I do agree on one of the reviews that the cliche's of being gay that they can't do anything else than being a hairdresser, fashion designer, play sports etc.. is wrong. That is why today we should be teaching our children that they can be anything, anyone. Even President!

I give a son called Gabriel 4 
Just because the story was more slow than the flow moving. It had it's moments but far in between.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Be Home By Dinner

A local author that gives his outlook down memory lane around the neighborhood. I tried to look at some reviews and many have said that the author captured how it was to grow up in the 70s,80s, and 90s. I was pretty excited to read about my old neighborhood and new again.
He hit on a lot of the homemade memories I remember. Like WillowGrove Mall, Springfield Mall, Flourtown, Lancers Diner without saying the name, only diner I know that looks out on the AF field. And the famous Treasure Island, Boy Scout camp. (Where my son had went and also he and his sister worked).

I tried looking for a common storyline but got bored with the story. Seemed like it was a never-ending one. Garvey went through what most of us did with growing pains. Had many friends. But also grew apart from them one way or the other. Had girlfriends for awhile. Rode Huffy bikes, calling back, be back. As long as he was back by dinnertime. Of course getting into trouble. Garvey's parents purchased their home with the G.I. Bill. (Just like my parents did).

There was a thread of a mysterious yellow car that wasn't so nice. We find out that this man, Kova and a Father Pal wasn't the nicest or the up and up people they claimed to be. Sadly some who Garvey knew were hurt by them.

Besides everyone listening to KYW News Radio, using gas powered lawn mowers, coming home from a good day of doing stuff outside the house and walking into a home that had a lemon smelling and Windex clean house, everything else was a story about a kid growing up. 

With watching tv and using a "Clicker" to turn the channels, the days of pimple popping until accomplished with blood, drinking beer (as Garvey puts it a "cold urine flavor"not a fan of it either) and what a surprise,  a welcome rebirth of my identity when I went to high school. Pretty much a nice memory lane book.
I am hoping Carl Franke, the author does better with his next book. There is something there. I just don't enjoy reading never-ending books.

I give Be Home By Dinner 3 

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

It was a pretty good book. First thing I thought about while reading is Autism and Aspergers. How Christopher  dealt with his everyday life and with his parents.
It is a wonder how the brain works. Each one of us reacts differently. I like how Christopher thought about animals, in this case dogs."You always know what a dog is thinking" He used the death of Wellington as a mystery. For him it is like a puzzle. Along the way he learns a lot about life and others learn a lot about him. He was happy being a detective and finding out things.
He did find out who killed Wellington. So his relationship changed with his father, especially finding out that his mother was alive. Sadly a lot of people don't have the patience with Autistic or Aspergers people. For that, his mother couldn't handle the pressure.

Great that Christopher felt that he was smarter than the other children. He kept up with his Level A tests so eventually he can go to university.

A journey to show how Christopher thinks and will get along in his life.

He was brave and found his mother. And he wrote a book. With all that he can do anything.
I added a few highlights from Goodreads that I thought interesting

I give The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 4  

Because I did skip quite a few pages that started to slow the story down.
All in all good story.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The DollHouse

This was one of those books that was a Free Friday Nookbook. I must say I enjoyed it very much. I love how the author intertwined a good story of all sorts with the history of New York in this case, back in the 1950's. The characters were interesting. The author went back and forth then and today, which bothers me in books. But not The DollHouse. It told a story than, in 1950s and followed it up today 2016, which made perfect sense. DollHouse named for the "Dolls" who lived there.

Who knew that Rose a journalist, would find a story in history of the Barbizon, a women-only hotel in the last century. And the tallest in the neighborhood back then. The whole idea was to create a private club type building for women. Hotel guests had to supply three character references. She found out from the other ladies that they stripped the place of all it's character when they went condo. The powerful feeling like walking into a Moroccan bazaar was gone.

Darby McLaughlin so new to the city and naive, with book in hand titled "The Art of Conversation" tried to learn to be on her own. Rose tried to get this story written but to no avail. Seasoned as she was, the rest of the office were of bright young things. She preferred long-form writing, which didn't put her as a young bright thing. But Rose went about to do her story. She liked collecting facts and making a story out of them. At its perfection, science and art.
She had to tell this story of this hotel, of these bright young things. It just wasn't Darby, it was the other women also who came from different backgrounds.To be models, secretaries who tried to make it in a man's world. Because for Rose she seen some of her own life in theirs. Rose wanted to find out the ones who live there now what they thought of change from a women's hotel to a condo.  Darby McLaughlin was the link how women were treated in 1950 and the way they are now. She found the girls come to NY City only to learn a skill until they found "Mr. Right". Rose followed the story and found another part of Darby's story, Esme Castillo. Why were they fighting? And what else happened? What did she do with her life that makes her so unforgettable ? She made a friend Esme. Had a boyfriend, Sam. Sang in a jazz club and tried to do the right thing by her friend Esme, when she did the wrong thing. Her fault I guess, just to care It's about losing people you love, being alone in a big city with nothing more than four walls of your apartment"
 And after that Darby seemed to just fade in the distance. As Rose puts it Darby had a swagger almost, an elegant mystery.
Connecting their stories with Rose, Rose who was pushed aside by a married boyfriend, her dad with dementia (that I know all too well), and was giving a good stiff talking to by Darby and Stella (one of the other ladies). Rose had fears. If lonely and scared, deal with it now, they told her. Life only gets lonelier and scarier no matter how many people fill your home and heart. "It's up to you". So Rose did just that. Made decisions about her dad and Jason who she became closer to after the mess of Griff.

I give The DollHouse 5 
Will be looking forward to other books of this author.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Where'd You Go Bernadette

What can I say about this book. I'm glad I got the chance to read it. At times it seems far- fetched. Other times it was a little confusing to follow. But definitely laugh out loud parts. From the reference to parents being Mercades parents to the crazy things it seems what Bernadette did. And a trip to the Antarctica.
I can see Bernadette putting her whole self into raising Bee. I felt that way. When my son was born I too put my heart and soul into him.
In the beginning of the story it read to me as a typical rich family, until I started reading about Bernadette giving up her career to raise her daughter and let her husband run with his career as a Microsoft Employee. But not that she had no faults. She contributed losing her career too. Doesn't excuse her husband Elgie of his role and what he did. Taking the funny part aside and the neighbors/school community like Audrey and family, Soo Lin etc... 

It comes down to what really is all about Bernadette. She is creative and when a person's creativity is stifeled they can do off the wall stuff.  So in that point you could say Where'd she go? Bernadette had to slip away in order to get her life back on track, for her family.

I did make visible some highlights I thought funny etc on Goodreads that complete my review.

I give Where'd You Go Bernadette 4 
I'm glad I read the book. I haven't seen the movie yet but characters they picked does not fit what I imagined in my mind. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Death on the Nile

Another juicy Agatha Christie novel. I like the fact that the Hurcule Poirot's series is a series that need not to be read in order. Also liked how there was a nod in the story of Hercule Poirot from Murder on the Orient Express.

Death on the Nile is a good one to read. I had to stay alert to the characters and scene that was written. Not only did one mystery occur a second one happened in a matter of days. 

As Poirot started out he was asked about vacation, (holiday). And he said" How true is the saying that man was forced to invent work in order to escape the strain of having to think." Which I knew that Poirot's enjoyment is work. You know there is going to be a murder /mystery. For he does travel and finds work.

All kinds of characters on the trip of Egypt. I'm really not sure if there was any characters that stood out for me. Sure there were rich, not so rich, and ones that were just servants. I try not to guess what's going on because I want to be surprised. But this story was slightly predictable. The whole Linnet, Simon, and Jacqueline scene toward the end there, I know was bringing questions into my head. But Joanna, Linnet's friend, her aloofness was a bit to take til when I found out why she was so overly dramatic.
I like how Mrs Allerton was a kind of character that saw good in people and took to Poirot. She always believing there is happiness in the world. Even though "love can be a very frightening thing." " That is why most great love stories are tragedies"as Poirot would say. 
 Than there is always the servant's and elderly like Louise Bourget, Miss Bowers, Dr Bessner, etc.. that suspicion always fell on.
Again all characters were separate but intertwined at the same time. Three murders, and robberies all as one. Some as thinking why is character only have a small part? To find that they had something to do with the murders or robbery. The cold-bloodedness that strikes Race and Poirot to have the murders that some were thought have done is not ringing true.

Of course we have the interviews of Hurcule Poirot and Inspector Race. But we know who is going to solve these cases. Who made me laugh this time was Poirot. He had some doozy's. Like he likes an audience. "I must confess. I am vain, you see. I am puffed up with conceit. I like to say " See how cleaver is Hercule Poirot!"

The end of the story Mr. Ferguson, a character that portrayed to be something else said,"It is not the past that matters but the future." Hmm.. I wonder if Christie could see something in the future?

I give Death On The Nile 5 
I look forward to another Agatha Christie novel. Who knows where that will take me :)

Murder on the Orient Express

The last time I read this book it was when I was younger. And when I was younger I really didn't get the jest of what the characters were doing. So to re read it now brings a whole other excitement. I didn't realize that Agatha Christie wrote series books. I believe this is #10.
The train started out in Syria. And a murder happens in Yugoslavia. I don't think I really had any favorite characters. Except Mrs Hubbard gave me a chuckle with talking about her two rather ugly children. Haven't heard anyone say that about their own grandchildren. LOL! Or is it her children?
Hercule Poirot is the main character detective. He is so clever. Reminds me of a Inspecter Clouseau. Only not quite so clumsy.
Well said about this murder. Cleverly planned jigsaw puzzle. I like that 😀 I think I liked his latter solution. And that's my opinion.
This is the first book with Poirot as a character and first Christie book too I read. So don't know if Poirot says this at the end of his cases, but he should. "Having placed my solution before you, I have the honour to retire from this case".
Can't wait to see the remake of the movie and can't wait to read another Agatha Christie book. She sure knows how to write a mystery that's going to leave you saying What? I thought it/he she was different.

I give Murder on the Orient Express 5 

Put a Pin on the Map

Monday, September 02, 2019

Blood Country: A Nashville Sideman Mystery

A new author for me. Wasn't a bad book. I liked the story. The character Joe Rose pretty straight forward, no mincing of words. Interesting that he is a "gumshoe" with an education with a degree in music.
Also a read from Nashville being that my son is soon going to visit.

I could tell a man wrote this book. The way things were phrased of the country music scene. I'm pretty sure I've never heard a woman say she was a sideman. Plus most characters in the story were men and were written hardcore and women a tool. Although I did learn a few things about country music.

I try not to figure the mystery out even know I have a pretty good idea what it was about. Few things I picked up with the women in Rose's life, Patty and Cathy what their actions meant. Also with being in Nashville and country music there has to be a Roxanne. A bit harsh saying she was a talentless slutty bitch. But hey, it fit!

Twist at the end. When you think it was figured out and we finally knew who killed Billy something changes. Vern (country music star), C.C. (Vern's uncle), Allen, Sutton, Roxanne, Monica, even Jessica Apple hmm... who killed King (Vern's father)? Not who I thought.

I liked the vibe this story was giving, certainly not my everyday Nashville book. But I liked the mystery being in the country music capital.

I give Blood Country: A Nashville Sideman Mystery 5 
Got my eye out for Dan Jewell's other books

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Art Forger

I'm not sure why I picked this story. I had my eye on it before. But I guess with my new artsy cover for new kindle paperwhite probably.
Was interesting to find out that this was a true crime, a $500 million dollar art heist at the Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.
The characters really weren't top. I found the main character Claire who had a rough go at it in beginning was just annoying. She knew what she was doing.The questions she had, I would slap her. With her investigative work on finding the "original" painting droned on with all these artist. The forgery (I think that was the most wonder) itself wow what people would go through. Especially Belle who gathered all these paintings for a museum.

Story kept alluding about a certain person being in a painting, odd. All along readers I would think would know who this person was. I liked Claire's friends. Hanging out @ Jake's the bar that all the artist knows. The one character that didn't make sense, Issac, classic what would you do for love? And whatever happened to that money Claire had to put in different accounts. Never heard anything more after painting was done. Hmm...

Wasn't really excited. Found myself toward the end skimming chapters. Just too long and sometimes confusing. The story itself was great. I do agree with other reviewers how the art history was presented not a page turner

What leads me to agree with the question the author leaves, what would any of us be willing to do to secure our ambitions, to get what we want?, unknown artists, famous artists, gallery owners, collectors, Belle, me and you?

I give Art Forger 4 
because it just was so long and drawn out. Characters were interesting but other than that.... I'm glad I read it though

Friday, August 09, 2019

Sullivan's Island

I had this book for several years. And was looking for a summer read. Sullivan's Island did not disappoint. I've seen the reviews that said it was another book about a woman, discovers herself, husband left her etc..

I can only say how I liked it. As I was reading I thought yeah this is similar to some stories about women. But I guess I went on to read is because it was funny. The set up of finding her husband and what she did after was funny.
And something about coming home when things get stressed is very comforting. And that's what Susan found. When you have an open mind and heart you find positives to being home.

Struggling with her daughter Beth is hard. Didn't matter what Susan said or did, would never be right. As always finding something in common and working it out makes mother and daughter stronger. Than Susan gets to be called Mamma.
Soon to be ex husband Tom shows up. What's a woman to do? The man is still Beth's father. Even though we can get upset with others that may have a weak moment, Susan had a life with this man. No one should judge.
When things gets straightened out Susan finds herself, with a job, men.

The flash backs took me a minute. And usually I end up liking one side more than the other. Honestly I liked both. Susan and her siblings are always on edge because of their father being rough with them. I noticed that Susan knew enough that she needed to protect them as well as her older sister Maggie. I was surprised to read that she had to take care of the twins (youngest) and her mom would just let her do that.
It's amazing how one person can make someone shake, not confident in themselves. For that the Hamilton family was left with a cold mother when she tells the children their father died.
Found it very interesting that Hamilton's father was so mean to his own family that he had a soft spot for civil rights. Also Susan did wonder how her father died. I have a theory.Maybe its the way he did treat his family.

After things fall in place with Susan and Beth, Susan looks forward and realizes that being surrounded and enjoying company of the people that are important can make Susan happy. And when she was alive she knew Livvie loved her, all of the kids. Finding love again.

And for that she tries to teach Beth a valuable lesson. Since Tom is sick they are praying that he gets better. But Beth does not believe that if something happens that person will always be with her. Which is surprising. Usually religious people believe the spirit lives within, and all around. Incuding Livvie.

I give Sullivan's Island 5
I'm looking forward to the next book, Plantation

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Bangkok 8

I had this book on my bookshelf for the longest time. My son just happens to be in Thailand on vacation now. I thought it was a great time to get this read.

I'm not sure what to think of this book. The reviews are more negative than positive. I choose to look at the positive. The author never claims to know all about Thailand and makes sure that the readers know that he puts the police in a bad light for the story. Not in real time.

I like the characters Sonchai and Pichai,(who we get to meet for a split second), the cops that can't be bought. Even though mystery and murder were about, there was the feel for spiritual and being a devout Buddhist throughout the story. This side is very interesting what Thais believe in.

In the beginning it was hard for me to get into the story. But as I kept at it, it did get more interesting. Thailand has a bit of everything. The book touched on everything. A lot of what Bangkok is about Red Light District, drug trade to Transsexual.
The biggest is Third World Country vs Western. Thai police working with the West FBI.Character I least liked, Kimberley Jones. If not 1 but a thousand times noting Sonchai and her. Blah! I found out that Bangkok 8 in the middle of book stood for the police district. And it might of been soon that mystery was solved. It was surprising of whodunit and why.

I had some notes that I thought would help to describe this book. But it ends up that really it would take away from story. 

I give Bangkok 8 4-> 
because it was slow to start. Am looking forward to reading the next one in line.

Friday, June 21, 2019

The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion

I've only read one book of Fannie Flagg's before. And I liked this story. Very interesting to find a history that was buried. I like how Fannie has written a story around the history.

Sookie who has a mother that was head strong in her own life but a lot of worriment on her daughter from making it harder on her not to go in assisted living, to be taken care all the time to the dramatics of "Until they carry me out feet first". Sookie took care of everyone including pets. Her percular habits of getting the little birds to eat without Blue Jays interfering to finding out news about her own life. Was a very busy life indeed. One could only imagine how someone would think they are not good enough..
But at the end we ( I know I felt the same with my own mother) the impossible woman, Sookie's mother Lenore had driven her crazy and caused much heartbreak and yet despite it all Sookie missed her everyday for the rest of her life. And after her findings of her birth mother/family she did understand that Lenore gave her a good life even with all her craziness. Sookie was blessed with her own family, husband and children.

I thought it clever to intertwine history with the other side of Sookie's life, her biological life. In 1920 15,000 gas stations in the entire country. In 1933 the number had jumped to 170,000. Seeing that the automobile was the future.

At one part I found it more interesting with Sookie's biological family than her own with her adopted mother Lenore.
How a family from Poland opened a 24 hour gas station. It was so clean that you could eat off floor. Clean bathroom to bring people in. Eventually they were called The Gas Station Family. And to put more pride on them they passed inspection. And had Certified Bathrooms.
The whole family of The Jurdabralinski"s worked this gas station. In those days it's the only way to be successful. Was not a glamorous job.
The filling station became the center of the war-driven effort in Pulaski, Wisconsin. During the war The sisters going the war effort by flying planes and towing these planes to the GI's. Which became WASP- Women Air Force Service Pilots!
But it was disbanded because these jobs needed to go to the GI's. Our government denied that women did help and could be more than just USO show helpers. Even their records were classified.

As Sookie learned about her birth family she came to feel better about herself and proud. Sookie's birth mother and two aunts had helped open doors for the women who came after them.

I give The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion 4 
because I felt that calling it the last reunion was not correct. The Last Reunion wasn't really at the gas station. It was when all who was left of the WASP's came together at the ceremony was the last reunion. Although the Last Reunion at the gas station again with Sookie, to show her where the family worked. For that it was confusing. 
Looking forward to another Fannie Flagg book

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

At the Water's Edge

I was a bit conflicted with this book. I seen some reviews. I must agree I didn't think the story was serious of being around a Loch Ness Monster. But some how it fit the character of Ellis, Maddie's husband. How he was driven to the point of always the need to be pacified, the war a part of the adventure. Was there more to the relationship of his friend Hank, in Ellis's mind? Always giving Ellis what he wanted.

In the end Hank needed to grow up. What will he do now back in the States? Start over, would be the hardest since he was heartbroken, he has been cleaved down the middle over Ellis.

As for Maddie, the main character of this story, starting out as a woman that didn't know work (when she married) noticing an odd smell when in Scotland and all she could think about is how many heads had lain on the pillows before hers in the tavern. To all tea was loose leaf and steeped more than once.  Things were done as they can when in war. Taking a deer was a righteous theft because it was taken from land that was stolen. 

This story found friendship in women for Maddie. Annie and Meg began to think of Maddie as their friend, (one of them) and Maddie felt like it was the nicest thing that anyone did for her.

What I thought interesting in the beginning how the story was Angus was off to war his wife Mairi waited for his return. But with her losing a child and Angus was assumed dead she had a grave arranged with their names and dates placed on gravestone. Mairi went into that deep dark Loch and ended her life At the Water's Edge. But sadly Angus came home to no wife or child.

Maddie and Angus found each other. And I could see how the story was coming together, all intertwined. Dark days came upon Maddie (from husband Ellis) and she stepped out to the Water's Edge, black and rolling, endlessly deep. Maddie wanted to now what it was like to experience a love so deep you couldn't bear to exist.

A bit of romance, a bit of mystery, and yes a bit of nostalgia of a story about a monster gave these characters some interest to read on. Sure there were times I wanted to kick Ellis and Hank's a** and give Maddie a push. I had to remember what period of time it was written in. So the timeline of war that was going on kept bringing back, how they rationed out food etc..

I give At the Water's Edge 4 

Monday, April 08, 2019

Don't Let Go

This is my 1st Harlan Coben book. I read reviews and see that people do like his books. The opening "Daisy wore a clingy black dress with a neckline so deep it could tutor philosophy .", well you would think it's a story that has you going from the get go. I was a bit disappointed. As characters go, the word in depth is,  I expected Nap Dumas to be this cop that just plunged through his cases. I had to take in account that 1st his family moved to US and it was a small town he was policing. Plus he was 1 of a twin. Which makes it hard to go on because he never really made peace with the death. At times I thought I was reading about kids than adults with lives with careers at that moment. Like the story was all happening at once.
Don't let go: one job, the only job was to protect, and Augie let his daughter go, and so wondering if she was scared that night.

I enjoyed the story though. I really didn't pay much attention on trying to see who really was the culprit. Nap learnt a lot about people, his brother Leo, girlfriend Maura, friend/mentor Augie he embraced what he wanted to what was in front of him, and ignored what he wanted.
Love the reference of a library for Nap. "Books yellowing with age,  hushed sanctuary is revered, where we the people elevate books and education to the level of the religious."

Of course all came together at the end. Nap gets his man and girl. And the town of Westbridge is once again quiet.

I give Don't Let Go 
I look forward to reading more Harlan Coben books. Hoping that the characters get juicer.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Heat Wave

Interesting read. I wasn't too sure of how the story was going to be because of the tv show. But it eventually turned out ok.
Although it was a bit mixed up for me because I kept picturing the characters like the ones on the show. That was a distraction. For that the storyline was a bit lost on me.
What I took away from this book is that the relationship of Rook and Heat went faster than Castle and Becket. And Heat is a very strong character more so I believe than Becket.

I think it's cool that it weaves the author into the story but the person is a pseudonym. I like the show. I would like to continue reading on in the series. And hope it only gets better.

I give Heat Wave 4_____>
Hears to the next read Naked Heat

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

A Christmas Caroline

So what can I say about this book. It was a slow start. But got interesting after getting over the fact that the story was like A Christmas Carol. Here is a girl that has a great job at a top magazine. She goes through her life that she hates the fact that people are in a lower class than she. Criticizing the fact that why people need more work on themselves to be perfect. But not as perfect as she. Lives by what Coco Chanel has lived, and hates children.

Her visited spirits were kind of cool. Especially the Spirit of Christmas Present. Mr. Barkis UPS driver by trade, Spirit on the side. She was a very hard nut to crack. Still didn't believe that her life could be of good. Wondering why people would play tricks on her. But couldn't see she was acting like she was better than anyone else.
Spirits were all trying to tell her that Christmas still means something to the lower order. Even if it doesn't with her.
So Caroline said that once Christmas turns symbolic than it's not cool. It becomes homework.

Caroline had baggage herself. A mother that had no time for her. A father she thought dead but was watching over her. She had a weakness for junk food. Ha! Caroline was still confused of what happened and had that moment that she was going to try and not be rude, be happy etc..

And the final, gets a date for New Year's Eve.

I give A Christmas Caroline 4 
I still think the ending was kind of weird. On a not to sure of how it ended :-/ And the story ok. The Spirits made the book. Story was drawn out a bit but all in all ok. Hope the next who reads this book may find it better and different.