Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas in High Heels

This is the 1st book I have read of the high heels series. When people say it is a short story they are not kidding. It was too short. I liked the story. Typical Hallmark kind of story. A lot of things happening all at once. It is what is a cute Christmas story.

Barnes and Noble says Customers that bought Christmas in High Heels also bought the rest of the high heel series

I give Christmas in High Heels 3___> 

Just because the story is too short.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Shadow of the Wind

I'm not surprised of the mixed reviews this book got. But mostly were good. Many characters and many things going on. I like the concept of having a Cemetery of the Forgotten Books. Every book should have a place to go where someone else would love the story just as well.. The Cemetery  was not the center of the story but a tool for it. Daniel was the lucky kid to have a book by the author Julian Carax named The Shadow of the Wind.The more he read the book the more he wanted to know about this author. It was apparent that the interest in his writings is with the mannerism of Daniel. Daniel and Julian seem to have linked lives. I believe Daniel was taken under his wing because of the mirror image he had of Julian. And Julian did not want Daniel to make the same mistakes he has made. 
There is one chapter named Empty Plate. I think it has something to do about the book business.Books get to be empty plates when people have it in their head to assume that tv would take over books. When in reality movies are based on books. Bringing it right around again to the pen is still mightier. Bea ,Daniel's wife said that the art of reading is slowly dying. A book is a mirror that offers what we already carry inside us. We read, we do it with all our heart and mind. And great readers are becoming more scarce by the day. Which leads me back to an empty plate . There are worse prisons than words.  
With the adventures that Daniel went through to find out about this author because Daniel came across this book. Did it give him a right to enter different people's lives? Because the book picked him? So this is the story that feels so Gothic.
Shadows,memories,ghosts,dreams all can be found in the Cemetery of the Forgotten Books. Just like Shadow of the Wind was found..
When Daniel does connect with Julian Carax,Julian was not inspired. So I thought sometimes there needs to be an adventure to find about an author, lights up the candle again on writing another piece. This couldn't be said any better. Leafing through pages of a new book is like inhaling the enchanted scent of promise.
And this is why I give The Shadow of the Wind 5__________>
This is a bookcrossing book. And I hope that whoever receives it enjoys it too. 

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