Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Four Corners of the Sky

I liked the story. But I must say it was awfully hard to get on with it. Oh my, it took forever just for the story to move on. Sadly I had to wait til at least a 100 pages for it to get intresting.

What a shame for Annie not to know her own mother. Even though her father,Jack was not the father of the year he did take care of her looking back on them, being on the road. Sad that he left Annie. And there into her life was a mother,Samantha, and a father figure,Clark. They loved her unconditionally. As for what her abandonment issues she took to the skies. And became a great flyer. For that she was unlucky in love. Toward the end there she found that if she let go it was easier for her heart.
I always say there is someone out there for everyone.

The Four Corners of the Sky blanket Annie with family, job, and a home that she can call her own. That brings it all together to make Annie who she is and what will come of her.

I really can't put my finger on it. Don't know what to say but it's a good book. Lots of laughs, heartbreak and drama to make this girl Annie, her family, friends and even her dad who is a "con", more human, Annie's life was made whole.

I give The Four Corners of the Sky 4--->
Because of how slow it was.
I would very much look for another story from this author

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