Monday, August 27, 2007

Pawleys Island

This is the first time to read any of Dorothea Benton Frank's books. And I found that I liked this book a lot. It is funny while being sincere of the people being so helpful and loving, finding a peaceful path to live by with friends that have things in common.

My favorite characters are Abigail, Huey, and Miss Olivia. Miss Olivia is awesome. I hope I'm that aware of my surroundings and up on current affairs when I'm that age.
The one thing I couldn't stand in this book was the author using the word y'all so many times. I know it's a southern style book but even the southerners don't use ya'll that much.

Why does everybody like Pawleys Island? "The island was a place where you figured things out, made sense of your life and learned to live with yourself, forgive yourself. All the while humbled by it's astonishing power and beauty". You just need some time on Pawleys to find the truth of your own heart and to be grateful again for your life.

My funniest part of the story was how Huey loved his Coca Cola LOL! A guy after my own heart :D

It is a blessing to have friends and a place to go to that you know will accept you with open arms for yourself.

I give this book 5
This is a bookcrossing book and will be on it's way to Canada.

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I'll be looking forward to reading more of Frank.

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