Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bright Young Things

My thoughts on this story. Not necessarily, thoughts that are in order.
I have to admit I did like this book. First reason why I picked this to read is because it was written from the 1920's. The start of the show Boardwalk Empire.
Two girls breaking out to a big city. Very  bold of them. Cordelia, the sassy one found out what bright young things meant. When girls use their brightness of their eyes, softness of their skin, they have a advantage in getting what they want.
Letty, Cordelia's girlfriend had differences with Cordelia and tried to find her own life. She stumbled on someone abusing a greyhound. Why? she asked to the man who was doing the abusing. "Because they're old,and they don't run fast anymore, and they're no use to me anymore". Enough to give  Letty  a reason to rescue a beautiful greyhound. A  likeliness of how Letty's personality is.
How can Letty be so naive to believe someone that is as sleazy as the guy she hooked up with would want her just to sing innocently, to live her dream? When all she went out on stage is to have people yell out to take it off..

What I liked to see is that Cordelia found her father. Which she set out to do. But what I find funny is how easily that her father accepted her. You don't read so much on that in stories. As she got along with her new life,she got involved with a son of a competitor. A no no.. Only to find that he used her. He used her to get to her father.A unnecessary death

The funny part about it Cordelia went to find Thom Hale. I was made to believe that she wanted to talk to him. But she came to kill him. Didn't go through with it. And found out when she got home her brother and "family" were going to help get back at the big bad Hale family. Of course Letty found Cordelia and all was forgiven.

Also never pictured Cordelia the way picture is on cover. Pictured her a little more homely. With dark hair.

A good set up for the next book.

Barnes and Noble says 
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 I give Bright Young Things 4 

Although I like a little bit of meat from my books, this story it is what it is. A sweet story about girls finding their way in a big city and trying to go after what they want. And being encouraged by family. The 1920's theme helped too.
And that is why I gave it a 4.

I am looking forward to the next book in line.

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