Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beautiful Days

I definitely like the 1st book a bit better. But this one wasn't so bad. Love how Cordelia and her brother is getting along with one another. Nice to see Cord have her friends beside her. Never thought she was as young as she is in story. The way the story is written you would think she was in her late 20s or more. Being only 18 and being host of a speakeasy says a lot that she has to grow up.

I so wish the next novel that Cord's friend Letty will be a bit on the grown up side. I hate for 2 books that she was whining and clingy.

I couldn't get over the fact that one day Cord is rip roaring to avenge her father's death and the next she has no clue on what's happening with any of her father's affairs. And I know her brother was trying to educate her. Again that's where I was confused with her age. The author did not lean toward that she was young. I guess I was disappointed that the author was slow with story but again like a lot of writers, write all the fast paced stuff just to conclude a story  at the end. All of the drama and juicy stuff is put to the end. How sad.

Beautiful Days of being in the sun near the pool,finally going for a dream that is for the taking, plus running a business that would make a father proud, and love for Astrid,Charlie and finally Cordelia. They are Beautiful Days.

I hear there is going to be a thrid novel coming out. I will be looking forward to reading that too.

I give Beautiful Days 4 

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