Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fiddle Dee Death

I met these authors about 2 years ago at a bookcrossing convention in South Carolina. Natually I never had a author sign a book for me. So I thought it so cool that I would have this autographed copy. I never got to read it til now.

I can say this is a cute little mystery book. Just what it says, "Just a little murder"

The characters are interesting. I like how the three girls are family and the eldest member likes to get the others involved in the mystery. I especially like Lindsay. She drinks Coke as I do and loves and has a collection of stuffed animals even as a child. A girl after my own heart. Being that it is in the South you feel like your there at the plantation. It is a neat reason why everything is like a purple :)

It was though a bit difficult for me to get in the story till the six chapter. Than I found myself laughing and peeking to see what next would happen.

This is a book that will be in my permanent collection.
I give Fiddle Dee Death 4 

and am looking forward to reading the next book that Caroline Cousins reintroduce the characters again

Amazon says:Frequently Bought Together, March Madness and Way Down Dead in Dixie by Caroline Cousins

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