Friday, October 22, 2021

The Last Train to Key West

I was a little disappointed not to read more of the history of the train. But did love the stories around the characters that brought them to life.
I was glad to take our last vacation before the pandemic happened to Key West. I remember riding next to that broken down railway knowing there was some history to that.

"People are what circumstances make them"
Haven't thought about this in this way. I look over the story again. And see that it revolves around these 3 women. 
Helen, Mirta, and Elizabeth paths have criss crossed over this time. 1935 and a hurricane is coming to Key West, Florida. Sadly it wasn't taken so seriously. But for Helen who had a husband that abused her and she was pregnant at the time, plus working in that fast paced tourist cafe. The hurricane gave her an opportunity as well to get out before storm hit.
Mirta who married a man at the time did not know of what his business was. She did for her family to get out of Cuba when the regime would change.
Elizabeth a mystery and hardest to figure out in the beginning. She's childlike in a way also to marry someone that his business was tough. And to help her family out.

The storm hit the Keys and these women drew a strength about them that they didn't know they had.

Set in the Great Depression the effect that it had on the characters the fact at 1 time Key West was the largest and wealthiest city in Flordia. Where things were built by hand and enjoyed by people who had the money. The Depression equalized all that. For all the money in the world like Anthony and Mirta would/have couldn't help them in the long run. Even Elizabeth and her family did things to keep going. Helen and Tom not having much/any money found work, did what they had to do to live. Government had some help to give but seemed never enough.
One larger event that happened was the hurricane. I believe the characters saw more in themselves to give to others. Try to help because they all were in this together. Nature has destroyed that so many men sacrificed for.

The treatment of the soldiers of The Great War and society were grim. Just as it is today in a way. Soldiers were dying and fighting for what they thought a monster. And when it is all said and done when soldiers came home society wasn't as appreciative as they should of been. They needed jobs, a decent place to stay, food etc... but not always the case. Soldiers came home to a different kind of hell. The camps that they stayed at helping to build the Flagler's Oversea Railroad were a disgrace.  Definition of not livable but to ease their minds the people that hired them believed well at least it was a job. Right!
The vision of connecting New York to Havana, Cuba with a few days of travel through the other keys was a great vision that would bring people together socially and in business. Hoping to see Key West as a major trade route. Globally would work if only conditions were better.

The Depression was hard on women because a lot of doors were closed to them. In that period time it was a man's world

Being that said these strong women show how they can be in times of unease. 
With a little romance mixed in with some good story telling. There were a couple of things I was surprised at. Not to give too much away but the stranger that watched Elizabeth and Mirta had an interesting twist. I am a person that goes down that google rabbit hole to find out more on the history.
For that I'm glad to find out more just not the railway was happening.

I give The Last Train to Key West 4
 Since I read the 1st already, 
I look forward to reading the rest of the Cuba Saga books.


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Best Day Ever


Good story, was a little disappointed that I seen where the story was going. Predictable what was Paul's game. And Mia what she had to go through with husband Paul was terrible.

I liked the idea that the story was within a day. The timeline aspect of it was interesting. Toward the end it came together for what Mia's role was doing while Paul focused on his idea of Best Day Ever!
If it wasn't brought up many times I wouldn't of known Mia and Paul had kids. Mostly in Paul's mind was how much he had, how many women, and what he thought he gave Mia.
A bit disappointed of how Paul got the upper hand of Buck at the end. But all worked out with Buck, Mia, and the kids.

Question is Paul Strom is an unreliable narrator at what point of the story did I realize he was telling me what he wanted me to know? Almost immediately. I believe the narrator puts across their point of view. And that's where the reader forms their views of story. I didn't know right away of Paul's actions of poisoning his wife. But as Paul droned on about how she wasn't feeling good, changing her diet. All now can see what he was doing. So I guess Paul had me there. Toward the end of book I see.

I thought of Mia just a woman who wanted someone to share her life with, have kids, and just be happy. Mia thought she had that. Being that her family had money I believe had nothing to do how she felt. If Mia knew what was happening and who Paul really was, yes she should of/probably would of made different choices with Paul.  

In Paul's mind he really did believe he was a good father and husband. I think he is trying to fool both reader and himself. He strived of having that perfect family. His own, did a number on him.

Gretchen sees a man who makes her special. It's hard to walk away from someone that plays that they need and are happy with you. For that I think Gretchen was a victim. Very hard to see pass the charade that people play.

Paul was on a downward spiral from the beginning. He really wasn't right. Caroline rejecting him just sped up the process of him doing damage around him. Almost in a childlike manner.

The idea of Paul would not be interested in Mia if her family wasn't wealthy is correct. That is what fueled him in his hunt of money and adoration for himself.

We now know Paul was abused as a child. It answers the question of why he was the way he was. But it doesn't justify his behavior. Even though we have choices we do need to follow some set of rules. And if Paul goes off, without answer for what he did, people would be in chaos. And justice wouldn't prevail. As it did for Paul at the end.

It's hard to say if I feel sorry for Paul's mother. I almost forgot about her. Since Paul does talk about his father mostly. She did go through mental and physical anguish. Its easy to say she should of stood up for herself and Paul. Again Paul punishes her for something she couldn't control..

Buck is motivated by doing good. I didn't know his background was so intense til later on. But he saw that Mia needed help, she was his neighbor and he helped her. Didn't hurt that he had feelings for her. Losing his wife is terrible and lonely. To find happiness twice, rare. Buck symbolizes the link to put right what is wrong. The knight in shining armor. He was the calm effect.

I give Best Day Ever 4
Predictable but good! There is another story in there with them all. Especially the kids. Kind of creepy that one of the boys say the same thing as his father. Best Day Ever!


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Sweeney Sisters

I believe this is a first time author for me. I don't have many sisters but I did enjoy how each sister's personality was brought out.

The first question is which of Bill Sweeney's daughters do I most resemble? I believe it is Liza. Married, children, "holding the fort down". When someone needs something done if I can do it, it gets done. Reliable!
I guess I am the glue that tries to keep family together. I certainly try to keep in touch with all. And I think each Sweeney sister did their part to hold the family together. Each softened up and thought of each other as they learnt more about themselves as well as Serena.

The sisters were guilty of suppressing and denying things in their own lives just like their father, Bill. Tricia denied that anyone could be worthy of being a Sweeney. Never seemed good enough. Always a debate. Maggie never got support. Her talent was questionable to Maggie. And Liza seemed to get the anger that her father had for her mother. Which made Liza strive more to be perfect. Perfect enough not to see what's happening around her with her own married life.

Should Bill had said, met up with Serena? Yes I believe he should of. He made it about himself that the hurt would still break his heart. And the failures were too dramatic for him. Bill should of let that up to Serena to decide what kind of person he was. And why Serena did the things she did, including her career she has.

I probably would react the same way if I met a long lost sister I didn't know about. I would consider the timing of it all like Serena, came to be around their father's death. First question would be what does she want? Even if she wanted to get to know her sisters there's got to be a reason. And for Serena being a journalist, writing a book I would be cautious.

No I don't think taking DNA test should be a cautionary tale. It opens up a lot for people. People who are looking for something. Wanting to belong. As well as medical issues. For me I don't feel the need to take a DNA test myself. I'm happy for what I know.

I didn't like what Bill did and burned Maeve's poems. It was so childlike to feel that she was so much better them he. It would of been something to be proud of. That both had their unique way of expressing themselves. What could a woman that passed do to him now. I actually thought he was a decent person in the beginning. Writers have there quirks. But at the end Bill was down right mean. So glad that the project that sisters had planned will honor their mother with the last poems she wrote.

Learning the truth about Serena I think was a positive experience for the Sweeneys. It taught them a lot of themselves and how they can change for the better.

I think Maggie became a good mother. I think she continued to flourish with her paintings. Although not the typical family. She makes it work. I think for Tricia  she takes a not so hard core life as a lawyer. But as a good lawyer that cares for the people. I think eventually she will have that life that she wanted with Raj and children. With Raj she becomes softer. Liza I believe she straighten things out with the divorce  from Whit. A hard road ahead but makes it work with her children. And eventually when th time is right she finds her way back to her true love. And as for Serena. She had the career that she wants. Book gets published. And finds herself what she really wanted to be part of a sisterhood.

I give The Sweeney Sisters 5  
When the mood strikes I might look into another book of Lian Dolan


Monday, August 30, 2021

The Witness for the Prosecution

Even though a short story Agatha Christie does know how to pack a punch. And give readers something to think about.


In The Witness for the Prosecution Mr Mayherne thought this case seemed dark, and the guilt of the prisoner, Leonard Vole was clad tight. But Mr. Mayherne had doubts has he was talking to Vole.

The story was that Vole killed an elderly lady, Miss. French. Because she was rich, lived alone, and eccentric. And had eight cats. Typical description you read.

So Mr Mayherne goes into lawyer mode to establish the things are wrong on what is said about Leonard Vole. The only reason he had anything to do with Miss. French is because of her money. He starts there. Who told you Miss. French was well off? My friend George Harvey of course. He probably won't remember it was some time ago.
Mr. Mayherne gets frustrated with Vole for not answering his questions seriously. I don't like the line you speak to me with. Mr Vole it is you that I look to guide me.
More gets out on he and Miss. French. Why was he there so long. Because Vole is a weak nature. One of those people who can't say No. She was worried about some investments and knew little of money matters. Vole's dealings with Miss French were perfectly fair and above board. He acted in her best interest. That will hardly do. Mr Vole its not up to the witness to find out who murdered victim. You need alibi.
Finally it comes out another excuse that Vole has an alibi, his wife Romaine. I was with her at the time of murder. As Vole spoke of Romaine that she is devoted to him. That she would do anything in the world for him. Mr Mayherne's heart sank.
Fact remains wife never met Miss French.
Mr Mayherne goes and questions wife but she would not make good witness since she admitted what she needed to say.
A letter gets written to Mr. Mayherne. If he wants to find out the truth he needs to go to the rental place to find out. He follows the lead. There is a letter....
How did you get this letter. Doesn't matter the old lady says. Just give me my money.

Trail begins wife is a witness. Fingers crossed. Wife tells her side. And as Mr. Mayherne looks at her he notices something.

The question remains did Romaine give enough testimony to make Leonard Vole not guilty? Or is he really guilty? hmm....

I give The Witness for the Prosecution  5-------->
Can't pass on Agatha Christie!


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Boardwalk Summer

At first reading this story I was intrigued. It had some mystery to it. At least I thought. 
A story of 2 women parallel in their lives. And a connection that they never dreamed.

Violet Harcourt a woman just wanting to live her life in love and happiness. Just like every other girl did in the 40's. But back then women also got married so they had someone to take care of them. 
Charles Harcourt, Violet thought he was the one. They had their home that overlooked the ocean. Was the safe haven that Violet longed for. But her home became her prison. She loved her husband and he loved her. But her life turned frightful.
 Those days things people just didn't say anything about abuse or anything personal that goes on in their lives.
So Violet took matters into her own hands.Knowing she wouldn't see her friend Evie and parents anymore. The tide came in violently inviting Violet to come closer to the edge. Til we no longer see Violet again.

And Marisol Cruz of Mexican descent. Worked in a cafe and supported her daughter. She lived with her parents. And were close to her grandparents. Always a dream to work at the museum. Being able to work on the boardwalk for their centennial. 
She noticed pictures, papers that her grandfather was in and picture of a woman that he actually knew.

Investigating and meeting a handsome man named Jason.
She found herself fighting to save a gazebo that meant so much to her through her grandparents. Since it was the few places that the Mexicans had to enjoy.
With his help she was able to confront and show her strengths.

Mari finds that Jason is related to this mystery. Violet comes back and Travis Harcourt's father wants a relationship with his granddaughter Lily. And Mari finds out who and how her grandfather knew Violet

The story is a sweet summer read!

I give Boardwalk Summer 4--------> 

I just wish it wasn't so packaged up.
I would read another book from this author.


Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Cold Case in Amsterdam Central


I'm starting to like this series. This book I think was better than the first one. Too many characters and a lot going on. There was a lot going on with Lotte this time again. But I believe Lotte was trying to to be the kind of detective everyone wanted to see.

With this story Lottie comes back to work after being hurt. Not everyone thought she should of came back with all the antics (not so good for her) that she went through. She did have a nagging feeling the only reason she was still employed is that they needed her to testify.

Lottie, Thomas, and Ingrid get called about a suicide and where the body was in a part of Amsterdam was close to tram line and mainline station. With hard to find clues of what happened to Frank Stapel and where he worked that sometimes the dead were easier to deal with than the living. Especially with Lotte knowing that Thomas was one that didn't want her back. Ingrid was a character trying to be just like Lottie. Ingrid found that Lottie gave up on herself. But also tried to be kind and try to convince Lotte that she was helping as a kid by still look for Agnes even when the police stopped Also Frank's wife Tessa found bones   Which needs to be solved too.

As Lotte is finding her way back into the groove. Lotte lets Thomas and Ingrid do the questions. Thomas will not give Lotte a break thinks she is not hearing what is being said. They need a long talk.

Of course Lotte has a "boyfriend". But this guy was a childhood friend that she thought to help solve the murder of Mark Visser's sister. Lotte always felt that she failed to save her. What it means for Lotte and Mark? Who knows hope is hard to kill. Mark is also one of the people Frank was around.    

As these other detectives think the cases of the bones and Frank Stapel are not connected. But Lottie does. So Lottie in her way goes about trying to find that connection while keeping everyone in the loop,kind of.
As always at least in the first two books Lottie does find who the bones are and why Frank Stapel has fallen. Which was indeed an accident. Just ask his brother. And she also saves Tessa who she finds a connection with her. Also with the grieve that Ingrid has given Lottie of giving up in the end it was Lottie that saved Tesse while Ingrid froze.

Good for Lotte finding her a home for her cat Pippi. I think she will be a good fur baby mommy.

I give A Cold Murder in Amsterdam Central  5 

Friday, July 16, 2021


This was the 1st time I read anything from this author. And probably won't again. For now anyway. The story brings to mind for me is of The Great Gatsby. And reading farther along Alice in Wonderland.

The narrator a man without a name seems to been burnt out on the kind of art that he was painting. Plus his marriage not in any good shape. So he takes off and has himself a road trip and ends up @ his friend Masahiko's fathers house.

All along this man is trying to move on but in his own way. He seems to be tolerant, and reserves judgement. He happens to be hired to paint a portrait of his neighbor. This neighbor Menshiki is of a different sort. He is wealthy and a flawed man. He can be dishonest and at times very vulgar. He brings the protagonist into his schemes. Tells stories that you would think not true. But the protagonist goes along with things. As said before he is tolerant. Menshiki's strange optimism and power makes his dreams come  into his reality

Protagonist comes across this painting Killing Commendatore. Seems like this painting takes a life of it's own. Strange things happen. Surprising Menshiki is a help in his strange way. Whether the painting has signs for the protagonist to find how to deal with his own life or not, the story takes on a going down the rabbit hole vibe. He faces his late sister Komi as well as the characters in the painting. He sacrifices for a girl Mariye, (maybe related to Menshike) to find her way home.

I think Mariye reminds him of his sister Komi. And at the end she and the protagonist become friendly. Being she may be the only one who understands him.

The author at the end neatly packages all together. Menshiki in his way I think finds his own love with Shoko, Mairye's aunt. Which then eases up on Mariye. And has no interest in the protagonist anymore. The paintings that protagonist paints either are given-up or hidden with the painting Killing Commendatore. I guess you can say leave the evil alone. Then he can try and go down a good path for his life.

I give Killing Commendatore 4

 because they are very long chapters and going down a rabbit hole isn't something I look forward too. For this I don't think this author is for me. Although I'm happy I stuck with it

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Cam Derringer Series: Florida Keys Crime Thriller Series


Here is a review of 3 books to start with in a series. The Prequel I have read and reviewed
I'm starting with Knee Deep

So here we are, I guess I should say Cam is still wondering and looking for his wife. Cam takes on case after case and gets himself involved somehow with a hijacking boat ring to smuggle drugs then selling boats on black market after they are done.

There is not much depth to these characters. But they are natural, funny, and laid back. Which makes them all the more enjoyable.
There could be at times too many characters. But still my favorites are Cam and Diane.

This time Cam mixes it up with FBI, and the sheriff. But who is on Cam's side? Could it be Jenny, the FBI agent or the sheriff, who is the bad guy?

I was surprised for a smart man Cam was oblivious to the fact the the bad guys were right under his nose.

Of course Cam solved the boat theft ring. And found out what happened to his wife.
Surprising Cam himself, he falls in love with the FBI agent Robin, aka Jenny.

Cam has an opportunity to get be a lawyer again. So he goes back to New York longing to be back to Key West. The only way to lay back.

Book 2: Bloodshot

This was an interesting title. We start out with Cam and Robin shooting and ducking from someone. I thought at first it was because maybe Cam decided to get involved in the FBI as a career.
Nope I was wrong. It was all about getting Cam shot at.

Cam works as a lawyer with his friend Chad.

I like the characters Chad, Alexis (Chad's wife), and Kailey (Alexis step mother/wannabe love interest for Cam). I think Kailey in this book is the best.

So Bloodshot we know is after Cam. But is that it? Is Bloodshot working with someone? Who is giving the orders?
Bloodshot, cool how the author writes the character to leave a calling card. And Eric, gets worked in the scenario.

For a lawyer Cam does a lot of non lawyer stuff and concentrates on Bloodshot instead of letting Robin handle it.

I like the twists with Kailey. Always showing up for Cam. Sure if Robin is there, she'll take her too. Why so interested in Cam when she devotes her time to Alexis father? Does she know anything about Bloodshot? What's going on? Alexis father gets shot and dies.

And Robin needs to move away for work. But Cam wants to go back to Key West. A long distance relationship? Don't know if that will work out. Cam fits in better @ Key West though, I believe.

Book 3: Key West: Two Birds One Stone

This book I believe was the better book out of the three. It wasn't the characters. Characters still had no depth and the stories to them were left slight. Somehow Diane always gets herself in a pickle. But somehow gets out of it. While Cam gets on his soapbox and wanting to do something. Thats my daughter! Etc.. Etc.. Etc.

I guess it was the twists to it. Cam is back in Key West! And has a relationship with Kailey. What happened to Robin?
There is another sheriff in town and his sidekicks.Why? Someone steals stones from an exhibit. Who is this Tracy? And why does she want Cam dead? She is dangerous.
Not only we have Cam, Kailey, and Diane here. Jack, Chad, and uh-oh Robin comes to help Cam out.
Somehow he gets blamed for the theft. ( getting the pun about Jack and Diane ;))

We find Tracy is related to Bloodshot. Should Kailey be worried? Of course story turns out great. Cam gets to fly again with a new plane. And what about Kailey? Kailey goes on alone.There is no more need to be afraid of Tracy

Um...leaves the story to go on I see 

For these three books I give the beginning of the series 5 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Play Dirty

I'm not a romance reader. So I was not too sure on reading this book. I wanted to read something that was set in Dallas.
The beginning got off to a slow start. And as the story was told the mystery started to reveal itself. And who could read about Dallas without football?
Of course there was football talk. Football player, game, the dirty money.

I feel there was no depth in the characters. Laura and Foster, a weird combination. Not the best thing to do  to pimp your wife out for your own kicks. Just to get to the end and have a football player who is down on his luck, and just get out of prison to do away with just because Foster thought he can.

Griff tries to turn his life around. Making things right even when there is a shady detective, Stanley Rodarte wanting him dead. Including the person who tried to kill Griff at Foster and Laura Speakman's house.
Of course what would football be without lawyers, sports writers, gambling, a coach that took Griff in, and the loose life.

The mystery was threaded through story to the end. Which made it for me not so bad a Who dun it.

I give Play Dirty 4 


Friday, April 16, 2021

The Irish Politician

I'm not sure how I came across this author. Probably looking for a good mystery and I saw it was a Irish mystery. And like my son says "Of Course". 
Starting at the beginning, story was a little hard to get into. More descriptive than I would like. There were too many characters. But I just concentrated on the main ones and the characters came together. Goes without saying that the detective Peter McGarr was a favorite along with his wife Noreen. She had a knack  for getting into Det. McGarr's mysteries ah.. cases I mean. 
I liked the idea that the story was also humorous too. What's an Irish mystery (story) without bringing  up the troubles that Ireland was having.

Death to an Irish Politician? A Politician that negotiated with oil companies. Making sure his family would be taken care of.
A plan that tried to protect a special person. Thats where more characters come into play. And a mystery comes to life.

McGarr has his hands full. When someone/something is trying to frame you, you find a way to get answers. Even if there is little to no proof.

I give The Death Of An Irish Politician 4
I heard Bartholomew Gill has passed away. 
He left 15 more Peter McGarr mysteries for me to catch up on :-)


Thursday, April 08, 2021

Deal Breaker


I have read a couple books from this author before. Sadly I didn't connect, until now. The character Myron Bolitar and his side kick Win Lockwood were not as expected. Myron took what was done to him as an athlete to make it better for others. For awhile wasn't sure why a sport agent was investigating a crime? Nor Win Lockwood. Until I read that they were FBI at one time. Of course not any ordinary FBI. Myron's secretary, Esperanza Diaz is what you expect. Someone who keeps things running and organized. And doesn't mind telling what's on her mind. And with that she is Myron's closest friend. Of course Myron's old girlfriend Jessica Culver shows up. Has a job for Myron.

The case that Myron and company worked on was a very interesting one. You have blackmail, murder (or 2)? and revenge . All between Kathy Culver, her star athlete boyfriend Christian Steele, her father Adam,  mother and Paul Dungan (cop).

The story read like an old detective show. Don't see many of them anymore. Myron and Win had to fight off thugs "in the business". As Myron takes to things in humor. Sometimes it gets him places. And sometimes it gets him in trouble.
As for Win always on the lookout,  always skeptical. 

Old fashioned detective work has Myron getting his guy at the end. Which wasn't revealed to end.

I give Deal Breaker 5
I look forward to moving on and read the next Myron Bolitar book


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Palm Trees in the Snow

Although a very long read, at least for me. It was a good story. I looked up some of the history of Spain and Africa. And even though the characters were fiction. The struggles were not. Interesting indeed.

Palm Trees in the snow, are hardy, withstand a lot of weather, and are resilient. Palm trees in warmer weather, plantation was home for Kilian. The heart wants what it wants. Verses the cold in the mountains with snow.

Spain and parts of Africa the story of struggle with politics, race, and yes romance.
Same as it is today for this country only amplified.
Sadly the struggles never come to a stop. There seems to be always and underlying thing that awaits.

To keep a secret between two brothers Jacobo and Kilian was a deed. The life that Anton (father), Jacobo, and Kilian lived was a world of its own.
Where a brother found peace among the people and of course love for Kilian to call home. As was for Jacobo a job, a way to be far from what awaits him in Pasolobino. 
But nothing ever last. 
It was good to read that Jacobo's daughter Clarence had an interest in the past, even though she found clues unexpectedly. Her path led to those secrets that were finally exposed to both the cousins and (boy) friends. After Kilian's death, Kilian's daughter Daniela wanted to put the past in the past and live her future with her husband Laha and kids. Where Clarence will be the storyteller and keep the history alive so her niece and nephew will know their family history along with history of the country.

In part of book my question of this was confusing.
 Bisila was raped by three people. But I guess for the sake of the story it was just known that Bisila knew who the father of the unborn child she was carrying was. For that the storyline is as follows...

I give Palm Trees in the Snow 4 
Good story but long......

Update: I seen the movie after reading book. Naturally 
the movie was different needing to fit storyline in a format of time. The movie answers some questions that book never mentioned. Especially about Bisila.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Dear Wife


I've been reading mysteries for as long as I can remember.  And it's been a while that I read a mystery that when I took a pause I couldn't wait to get back to it. Dear Wife was this book.

As I started to read I soon found this was a story of abuse. Where it took me was a surprise. One women, though I thought. Sabine/Emma/Beth go through to think what you will say.
You have three moods lately, offensive, enraged, or violent.
You are the cocaine they slip the dogs that patrol the cars at the border.

All along I was thinking that this woman has a plan. And this plan is tight. She knows exactly what she wants to do.

While this was going on we see a husband that doesn't know what happened to his wife. A detective, Marcus comes on the scene and gets answers. We find out that the wife has a boyfriend and a baby on the way.
What I find interesting that as we go through Beth's plan she talks in her head, I hear nothing about her boyfriend or the baby.

She goes from state to state and lands in Atlanta Georgia. My husband and I went there on vacation. My daughter and I would call it Hot-lanta. But not because of the heat ;) And she booked us a stay @ the Westin. Love the round restaurant.

One thing I read that stuck with me is what Beth said. For a city of six million souls, Atlanta has an astonishing lack of beds for abused or homeless women. Now that is sad. If true or not there is too much of this in real time.

So we see what the husband Jeffery is all about. Sad another abusive person. But I thought odd is how Marcus, the detective was handling this case. Odd how he would latch on to just one-two people. Or how he forced his way of not having doors close on him. He would put his foot in the door. Old school detective.

When Marcus found the missing woman and called her a bitch. That's when I said Whaaat?! The story came together for me. Now that I knew what was going on it still left me in a surprise. Excellent how the characters are weaved together. Although at the end I would've liked to see Beth in a different situation.

Loved the story! I give Dear Wife 5-->
Can't wait to read more of Kimberly Belle

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

November 9

Not the story I was expecting. This was not my cup of tea. To look at it, it looks like a nice romance between Ben and Fallon. But the more I read it became unbelievable. Kids of that age, age 18 usually don't have that deep of understanding for love. 
Ben and Fallon came together from a fire that happened @ Fallon's dad's house. And in Ben's life he lost a mother. And copes on his own with his brothers. They both had something tragic happen. Fallon wore her scars outside. Where Ben wore his inside.

The concept of this story was interesting. Where they were to meet same day each year. Like a Grace Kelly movie.November 9 was a date that was bad became good. Both Ben and Fallon lived their lives. Fallon to go on with her acting. Ben writing a novel. Each finding their own way and trying to get back to each other. Being on the mature side for Fallon. But there was just something that became creepy with Ben. His drive to force Fallon physically and emotionally to bend what he wanted was a bit too much. I just don't see in real time that 18 year old kids think on that deep of a level. Ben tried to keep her from her friends. Even though he didn't say so much about Fallon's father. There was lost time with those two.

Toward the end a twist. Interesting. Now how would Ben know about the fire Fallon was in? If what Fallon's mother read about from Ben's novel, why would she be so emotional about it? And why did Fallon's father visit Ben's mother's grave?

The positive I find is that Ben and Fallon did lean on each other. They did in their way help. Fallon did have some relationship with her dad. And Ben now needs to be able to be the person that his nephew can look up too.

I give November 9 


Just not for me. Reminds me of a mixed up YA book. I hear good things from her other book. Maybe I'll try that.


Friday, February 12, 2021



I like the Virgil Cole and Everette Hitch books. The characters are not deep. What you see is what you get.  Westerns are really for entertainment. Not much to think about, a lot of cliches. The chapters are many. But short, makes me want to read on and a bit of faster pace.

Brimstone is #3 in the series next to last book Robert B Parker wrote. I was saddened to hear that he passed. I will give the writer that has taken over the series a chance.

You have Virgil Cole who goes from town to town. And making wrong a right in Cole and Hitch's style.  In this case he is looking for his love? Allie. This story deals with religion maybe not really religion as to who thinks their God.

You have your bad and badder Pike and Percival. Who will win? Maybe not anyone. Except the person who took the a lot off of them, Laurel.

Anyway you have at the end Cole, Hitch, Allie, and Laurel riding away back to the town they started out in, Appaloosa.
I think it might be a time to read Appaloosa. Tie it all in up to now.

I give Brimstone 5 
Can't wait to read #4

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

One Day in December

I'm not into romances. But this book I took a second look at.
 I read the first paragraph and it gave me hope .
"It's a wonder everyone who uses public transport in winter doesn't keel over and die of germ overload. In the last ten minutes I've been coughed on and sneezed at, and if the woman in front of me shakes her dandruff my way again, I might just douse her with the dregs of lukewarm coffee that I'm no longer able to drink because it's full of her scalp."

So I kept reading. Good storyline of Laurie, Jack and Sara. A bit on the cliche side. Best friends have good time. Best friends have a falling out. One friend in middle. It was on the funny side at times. Sad @ times too. In between beginning of book to the end was good. But I felt I had to keep pushing through. The end was unexpected. With a nice touch. Nice to have a happy ending.

Although as I was reading I kept picturing this book as a movie. It very well may be. 
Also I believe the setting is in the UK. Which I was surprised at first because it didn't read as one. Although you pick up the wording here and there.

All in all good story. Glad I read to end. I give One Day in December 4 


Monday, January 25, 2021

American Dirt


"One of the very first bullets come in through the open window above the toilet where Luca is standing." That sentence alone drew me in thinking that this story is a hard look of what the migrants had to endure. But as I read I wasn't too impressed.
I looked to what others had to say about this book. And some were furious of the way this author wrote this book. And she not knowing first hand of what some went through. Especially I believe her grandmother being Puerto Rican. And she did more research rather than searching her own history.
Another said the book was about the plot, the surroundings.

For me I agree it was the layout of the grounds that the migrants had to go through to get where they wanted. I believe the characters, the main characters didn't stand out to me.
Lydia, Sebastian, and Luca a family from Acapulco. Sebastian a journalist. And Lydia who owned a bookstore living their everyday life who never lived in fear. For that I didn't get that raw sense of what the author was trying to convey.

Being that book is fiction, one needs to remember. So as I read I found that other characters around Lydia and Luca were very interesting. It got pretty bad for them. The journey that was traveled. The strength that they all had. Especially Luca. He might of went into this with a child's mind but when Lydia and he got to where they wanted Luca became so mature. So sad for the others not to make it. But cheering for those who did.

American Dirt was good. I give 4 

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Hercule Poirot's Christmas


It took me a while to read this book. Finally finished today. 
What can I say except another great book of Agatha Christie's. Usually I find the character Poirot stuffy and a know it all. That didn't change here. But what changed was the demeanor of Poirot in this story. He was not in the forefront as his other books. He was mostly in the background letting police do their job.

Although he was asked to help. And naturally he did. What did we find? We found that even though family was called to have a sort of family Christmas there is a murder. Simone Lee father, was murdered. We find that the whole family could have opportunity. George & Magdalene Lee, David & Hilda Lee, Pilar Estravados, & Stephen Farr. Possible motives hate, gain & diamond complications.

Poirot's manner of trying to find out who killed Simone Lee he says to go back to the character of the dead man. What manner of a man was Simeon Lee? He wasn't a bad or mean person. He treated his wife badly. Ran around with other women. Sadly his wife died with a broken heart.
What does he have to bequeath his sons and daughter? Pride that was frustrated in a disappointment in his children. And he waited patiently for years to revenge on someone who caused him injury.

With all that one by one Hercule Poirot ticked off each person and why til he found who wasn't who they say they were and who done it!
I was amused of Hercule Poirot saying that he admired Superintendent Sugden's stolidness. Usually he never thinks that only of himself.

This is a Christmas mystery. And even though it was around Christmas I believe it could be read anytime. 

I give Hercule Poirot's Christmas 5 
What can I say It's Agatha Christie!