Sunday, April 13, 2014

Far From Home

I can't help but think when I was reading this story of my own grandmother. My grandmother had a stepmother just like Kitty, Bridget, and Anne did. But I never heard of my grandmother's family needing to leave the house because a new wife was coming in.
They didn't like her as Kitty and her sisters didn't. But they left as as soon as they could.
I guess that's what the custom was when there was no male to carry on the business.

And so goes what happened to those three girls. The father was a blacksmith with no sons to carry on the business.The author does set Kitty in a job that does work out for her. Even though hard work she actually found a family,household that cared. The only tragic part was when the other two youngest had to endure the stepmother. But in that long run they went to America and stayed with their Aunt, and they loved their home. Kitty ended up in Liverpool and made it work there.

I think the author painted a feel good picture of Kitty. She always seemed to be taken care of. She married even though it was a marriage of convince,had a little boy. And sadly her husband was killed but she was left with a nice sum of money from the three grocery's that he owned. Even though it was tragedy Kitty comes out that she goes home to Ireland and makes good to buy the house that she felt most at home at, Harwood Hall.

There was sappy romance written. For reasons of the boy's mother that Kitty never stayed together with the boy she loved, after she came home just happened the two find each other and declare their love for each other. All is made right with the mother. And they live happily ever after.

It was a good story and I'm glad I read it. But I do give Far From Home 4-------> just how it being sappy was written. At the end. And it came too fast, no build up.

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