Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Stupidest Angel

Always heard about this book. Never got to read it. In honor of one of my book friends that recently passed away, I thought I would read it. Since it is the season and all plus she sent me this book for my birthday.
Very interesting story it is. Not your typical holiday story.
I think my favorite characters were Molly and Theo, and Tuck. Maybe for good measure Roberto, the fruit bat (that could speak?), and the Narrator. 
Molly and Theo really had a good chemistry. The Narrator was just a bonus for Molly in her head.( I know I could talk with my invisible character. LOL!) Tuck he grew on you.
I like the conversations that the graveyard had with one another. Pretty good points they had. Loved the DJ. "Marty in the Morning,all dead,all the time".
I could of did without the zombies. But all turned out. The stupid angel finally got it right with his wish. Knowing now that he does better without granting a person (child's wish) and just doing some general work. Funny how the angel could hear Molly's narrator. And knows that people can be pretty in other ways.
I thought the added on chapter was kind of a waste. Seemed forced to me. Especially with Roberto being able to talk and communicate to make a happy holiday.

Hoping to send out to another bookcrosser. And will like the story as much as me. I give The Stupidest Angel 4 
Just because I felt it didn't need extra storyline.
Looking forward to reading more of the Pine Cove characters.
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