Tuesday, March 24, 2020

News of the World

I don't know why but I had mix feelings about this book. I did like the story but I didn't. Nice story about an older soldier that helped a little girl out who was captured by the Kiowas.
I believe that relationship came about with Jefferson Kidd being like a grandfather (Kontah) to Johanna because Jefferson was a father himself. He protected his children. Why make matters worse. Not everyone wanted war
It's pretty neat that he traveled from town to town with newspapers to read aloud the news of the day from around the world even. As a retired soldier he did this for the people for 10 cents. From the beginning, he would think how great it was to travel with a message from one unit to another. He had responsibilities to get that message across. No wonder he went in the printing business after that. It takes dedication to get news out so the town will know what's going on in the world. He believed if people had true knowledge of the world perhaps they would not take up arms, and perhaps he could be this in between of the news of the world. And the world would be more peaceful

Why does Kidd worry what will become of Johanna when she's returned to her German family? He worries that they use their captives for work and not try to let them be to get back to their old lives in their own way. Which the Captain and Johanna connect and there is a trust that she feels.

The tensions between the Indians, whites, soldiers and civilization of how America at a time wasn't sure if they were going to be alright. These tensions do underlie the story of the Captain and Johanna just by the culture she picked up. A white soldier with a girl that acted like she was going to war like the Indians. When Kidd traveled  on his own he was able to move around without a thought. Now with a child he needed to find different ways of surviving. Including surviving a fight with Almay which probably wouldn't happen if he wasn't with Johanna.

In Jefferson Kidd's journey with Johanna he felt he was drawn back in the stream of things because he had a life to protect. I think it means that after the war, and his printing business there wasn't really anything he truly long for. Sure he wanted to be with his daughters, sadly his wife passed. But when he had someone to protect, a job that he must not fail, it was like the old days.

Now for what I didn't like about the story. Although I appreciate the author for closing the chapters on the characters. And we all know their end story, and didn't like how the author jammed everything in that I believe it was the last two chapters. It would of been nice to have that woven in to their chapters.
I do like how Johanna Kidd's life turned out. She gets to start a new life. And seems like Jefferson Kidd did get to live a full life after all.

I give News of the World 3
It feels that the author ran out of what to write and we had to wait til the end with this information.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Nine Perfect Strangers

Let me start off by saying this was a strange story. Although I thought the characters were very interesting and funny, at times the feeling of each chapter was super drawn out. I believe the author gave depth to the characters. The more you dug in the more you found out.
Some readers stopped, couldn't go on. I didn't think I was either. But I plugged through it and glad I did. Out of all the people that went to this retreat I think The Marconi family had the most trouble before and after. Zoe, the daughter did find that light at the end. Frances and Tony were good characters. And a relationship for good. It was nice to see Carmel, Lars get along with the group as well as Ben and Jessica.
Masha and Yao they were weird.
I did enjoy the story. And maybe someday will be able to get to read another of Liane Moriarty's books. I have to admit when I found out it was going to be a movie the actors that will play Frances and Masha, I could see them as those characters .

Spoiler Alert!
   In Masha's head she thought by helping women out was to show them that some carried this self-loathing about their bodies. Especially Jessica and Carmel. I think men and women see this differently. I think women sure anguish over their appearance, their weight, a lot for other women than men. Men always had a superiority to them which makes them feel as though they need not change but women do.Women are more critical with each other, as themselves. Where men are more carefree, don't give a damn what people, or other men think.

I think that Masha being Russian was important allowed her to view men and women in a different way because she wasn't from the country. They have a heartache of their own. Their culture is harder. And for her to see how others are soft she thought best to give them a focus.

I thought Zach's suicide was a terrible thing that happened to him and his family. I believe his asthma medicine did contribute to his mental state. But it was brought up that he wasn't feeling right before hand either. Yes, Heather was wrong of not telling Napoleon about the possible side effects. Something could of been done. At least they could of ruled out asthma meds.

I think these strangers didn't want to be "transformed". Not in the way the meaning is. I think they went to this retreat house to learn to be happy/ier and healthy. Transformation to me is being completely different, not all time happy, or  healthy. And in that weird way Masha and the strangers themselves made it happen. So Masha did do the job the strangers paid her for.

I do look at the older man and younger woman with judgement. Hell, I was one. Too young is not acceptable. In that case it's usually the woman that really haven't been around their own age too much.They go in naive.

Usually when people go to these retreats they go through whatever is given. Lars is right, the people do allow themselves to go through whatever. I believe that's their way of happiness and health. But usually it is relaxation Although in this book Masha went too far which should of been questionable. And to leave the house. 

I guess Frances was never praised as a child. And certainly she wasn't getting that from her mother being a feminist . So when she would apologize to men she saw herself as doing something not right. Something was wrong with her, Frances's self-loathing. She needed approval. It took this strange happening to find Tony.

How Napoleon felt about being too young and happy to know that love wasn't enough, I agree. I think it is a question of both, age and having a true tragedy in life before contributes to this. When your younger nothing matters except what is now and in front of you. If that person is making you happy you don't mind being around them. And you think it's forever. Until reality hits and bills need to be paid, you need to work with each other. Than people find they need to compromise and don't want to. When tragedy hits, you would hope brings you closer to see how much love is there, or not. That's when you see the true feelings come out.

It is a conscious choice to have a good or bad marriage. If there is a hold on hatred for a person than there is going to be a bad marriage. There needs to be a marriage that you compromise with each other. There are ways to work things out. And yes that is the secret of a good marriage.I've been married 36 years and everyday is something. I never take it for granted. As for Napoleon and Heather they need to work together and for themselves to make it work. Zoe found a way.

Really never thought the characters were figured out for me. Never really thought about it. I guess if I had to pick one, it would have to be Carmel. I felt that she always was about that Masha was going to make her different for her than she wouldn't have to work on it herself. When I read her story that until the tragedy happened at the house she had no one to give her positive feedback. Even her own children she couldn't take control. So when she took control, met the new girlfriend, was confident. That is when she came clear.

Good question. I think the author is making a statement for female characters like Frances. Here is a woman who is a writer, not to even think of romance. But you think that she is strong in a lot of ways. Frances writes like it's the old ages from her experiences with men. Not like todays world that we are strong and can have a bit of both worlds. 

My thought on the author having an agenda for female characters other than just finding a man is true. She is that women's author who shows they can be strong and soft at the same time. As for her other books this is 1st book I've read. But did watch the series Big Little Lies and author conveys the same thing. I think Frances that gets married is where she wanted to be. Frances still believed she is strong but could share her contentment with Tony. As for Carmel not getting married, I think she needs to find herself as one for now. Finding her voice and being content she may or may not find someone that will let her be her.

Don't agree that Masha 's comment about the best compliment is a successful woman is being humble. Why should she be humble? Because she is less of a person as a man? I find society isn't ready for women to be Commander-In Chief. But they better get used to it women are breaking that glass ceiling all the time. Men still have that stronghold that if a women is in charge than life would go backward. Although men still can't get it in their heads that women are the backbone of family, society, they are more than what you see.

I was surprised at the end to find out that Masha had 2 children. Reading on her son that died and what it did to her relationship with her husband. I was surprised that she had that same mentality that she would be no good as a mother after how she described herself. I'm guessing it goes back to her culture of how her country perceives women.
My thought would probably be the same if she were a man and left family. It's a cop out! Less of a mother, less of a father makes no difference.

I give Nine Perfect Strangers 4 
The reason being that it was a bit of waste from one chapter to next to set up the chacters. Hoping it will make a good show.