Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Christmas Train

I enjoyed this book. Always like a nice Christmas book to read around the holidays. Christmas is my favorite holiday. And trains are very special to me also. It's something I shared with my dad.

I don't know what it is about trains. You don't take the trains to get somewhere fast. You take it for the journey itself. To be surprised. And I think that is why I enjoyed the characters of Tom, Eleanor, Max, and the Cap Unlimited and The Chief staff. Trains are nice over Christmas. People are in good moods. Great way for family to travel together.
I know if I had the chance that's what I would be doing. It's like people are ready to meet the country, they're looking for friendship,a warm body to talk to. How do you put a valve on that? I think you can't

Second chances for Tom and Eleanor. A wedding and a little bit of mystery. Cute for the holiday.I like the twist at the end was. A clever way of getting things done ;) Granted this is the first book of David Baldacci I read. I hear that he is a mystery writer and Christmas Train is a bit off his mark but we need a little soft around the holidays.

The short story at the end was nice. Waiting for Santa. I want to believe that there is someone that I lost looking out for me. And what better to have a daughter guide your way.

I give The Christmas Train 5 

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I recommend this Christmas book and it is a bookcrossing book. Whoever gets I hope will enjoy as much as I did.

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